2002 Ford F250
3/4 Ton  4x4

9 hp Darley Davey Pump /  200 Gallon Tank

Currently stationed at the Main Station

The Haworth Fire Department took delivery of this truck on April 23, 2002.  The slide-in pump/tank unit and other accessories were installed and the unit was placed In Service.

The truck is equipped with a 9 hp Darley Davey pump, a 200 gallon fiberglass tank, Hanney electric hose reel w/150' of 3/4" booster hose, a TFT ProPak foam unit, Code 3 LP6000 lightbar, Gall's StreetThunder Deluxe Siren w/lighting controls, Gall's 100 watt StreetThunder speaker, two Streamlight Litebox handlights, two Unity halogen spotlights, Gall's 3-in-1 Smart Flasher Unit (wig-wags), and a Motorola M1225 VHF radio.

The purchase of the truck and equipment was made possible through a combination of an $18,000 grant from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, a donation of $1,000 from Herron Industries, a donation of $2,000 from the Weyerhaeuser Company, a $2,500 grant from the Plum Creek Foundation, and by refinancing the Department's existing bank loan.