Members of the Haworth Volunteer Fire Department formed the
Haworth Volunteer Firefighters Association in order "to create a general
and mutual understanding among its members to devise ways and means
to educate and improve the fire service for the citizens residing within
the protection area of the Haworth Volunteer Firefighters Association."
 Another factor, not cited in the Association's Constitution, is to provide
a higher degree of oversight on the spending of the funds raised for fire
protection in the Association's protection area.

Click here to read the Constitution of the HVFA

Click here to read the By-Laws of the HVFA

Officers for 2009-2010

Chad Wright

Vice President:
Jimmy Ferguson

Kirk Storey

Kyle Batson Josh Hankins
Jarred Campbell
Eric Jackson
Michael Carrell Mark Kates
Tommy Cash Vic Marsh
Keith Donaldson Floyd Middleton
Clint Ebert Landon Middleton
Lyndon Farley Richard Owens
Shane Farley Scott Smith
Jimmy Ferguson Kirk Storey
Josh Ferguson Johnathan Taylor
Donnie Gray, Jr. Clint Wilkerson
Chris Hall Chad Wright