Fire Safety 101: A Factsheet for Colleges and Universities

Every year college and university students experience a growing number of fire-related emergencies. There are several causes for these fires, however most are due to a general lack of knowledge about fire safety and prevention.

The Haworth Volunteer Fire Department and the United States Fire Administration (USFA) offer these tips to help reduce and prevent the loss of life and property in dormitory and university housing fires.


In cases where fire fatalities occurred on college campuses, alcohol was a factor. There is a strong link between alcohol and fire deaths. In more than 50% of adult fire fatalities, victims were under the influence at the time of the fire. Alcohol abuse often impairs judgment and hampers evacuation efforts. Cooking is the leading cause of fire injuries on college campuses, closely followed by careless smoking and arson.


Many factors contribute to the problem of dormitory housing fires.